What If It’s All Lies?

Every day you are told lies. When you watch TV, when you go online, at school, at work - all day, every day. The world tells you that you're an accident - the result of an explosion in the sky. That you’re nothing more than a highly evolved animal.

Because of these lies, you chase after things that will never satisfy you. No matter how many possessions you have, no matter how many holidays you take, or parties you go to, it’s never enough.

You don’t have to live this way! You don’t have to believe these lies!

You are not an accident. You were created by God, and He isn’t far away. He is not an impersonal life force. He is a good father, not an abusive or alcoholic one. God is purer and more powerful than the sun. He made the universe and everything in it. Before you were born, He knew your name, and He still does.

We were made to have a relationship with God, but there is a problem. The world is broken, and we’re all to blame. Every day I do things that I don’t want to do. I hurt myself. I hurt those around me. And it doesn’t matter how hard I try, I still keep doing things I don’t want to do. A sense of guilt haunts me. The bad things I do separate me from God.

If you’re honest, you can say the same about yourself.

But there’s good news! God didn’t leave us without hope. He sent his son Jesus to earth. And Jesus wasn’t wealthy or famous. He hung out with the poor, the despised, and the rejected. Jesus fed the hungry and healed the sick, but the most important thing He did was take the punishment we deserve for the bad things we’ve done.

Why did He have to die?

When someone commits a serious crime, we send them to prison. We do this because we understand that when a law is broken, there needs to be justice. In the same way, someone had to pay for all the terrible things we have done. That’s why Jesus came. But Jesus was not just another religious guru or prophet; He rose from the dead! And because of this, the death sentence over our lives can be broken.

The only thing that gets in the way of us seeing Jesus is our pride. We have to let go of control and receive what He has for us. He’s reaching out his hand - all you have to do is grab on, and He will pull you up. If you say to him with an honest heart, “Jesus, I need your help and forgiveness. Come into my life; I want to surrender it to you,” He will hear you, and He will come into your life!

That emptiness you feel - Jesus can fill it.

The shame you experience for the wrong you’ve done - Jesus can forgive you and wipe it away.

He can heal your pain and set you free.

You can know your father again!