Talking to God - Prayer

You were meant to have a relationship with God. Not an abstract, symbolic relationship, but a true friendship. This can seem strange. How is this possible?

It’s really not that different from our human relationships.

There are two critical parts to every friendship: talking and listening. God wants to hear from you, and that’s all prayer is - talking to God like a friend. Unfortunately, prayer has been turned into an empty ritual or a dead tradition, but talking to God is anything but dead.

Prayer should be personal, frequent, and passionate. And here’s the incredible thing: God, the one who made everything and knows everything, hears you when you pray.

Talking to God is not just about sharing information, but developing a deep relationship with him. I tell a close friends everything, and the more honest and genuine I am, the closer we become. This is what prayer is: talking to God honestly, often, and with a sincere heart.

It may feel strange at first, but in time your relationship with God will grow. Not only will you begin to talk to Him, but you will hear from Him, and your whole life will start to change!