Listening to God - The Bible

Prayer is the way we talk to God, and the Bible is God’s main way of talking to us. Many people think it is an old book filled with strange stories, and it has no relevance to their lives.

This is a lie.

The Bible is not a collection of myths made up by men, but the truth of who we are and how we are supposed to live. It’s not just a book of moral rules or a historical textbook. It is God revealing himself to us.

As strange as it sounds, the Bible is filled with the very words of God. These words weren’t written for a certain people, at a particular time. The words in the Bible are relevant today and continue to speak to anyone who will listen.

Above all else, the Bible is about Jesus. It is possible for God to speak to us directly, but more often than not, He speaks to us through the Bible. Because of this, we need to listen to him regularly by reading it every day.

And like prayer, if we’re not careful, reading the Bible can become an empty tradition.

God wants to speak into every area of your life, and if you just allow him, He will speak through the Bible, and it will revolutionize your life!